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posted Feb 22, 2012, 4:08 AM by Melinda Duran


                The word “synergy” comes from synchronized energy. When applied to an organization, it simply means that the energy drive of each member to reach a common goal of success of the  organization is synchronized and of the same level.

                Every member work hand in hand to assure success. To attain such success, the FIVE STEPS OF ORGANIZING PROCESS are to be followed:

1. Identify the tasks. Describe what people must do to reach objectives. Focus on this and you will be able to pick the right tasks and avoid doing the wrong things; accepting impossible tasks because of misdirected “can do” attitude; accepting inappropriate tasks because of inabilty to say “No”!

2. Establish structure. Use formal organizational documents to align tasks with functions, resources, and people. Examples : organizational charts, Manpower authorization documents, and position descriptions.

3. Fit people to tasks. Assign the right person to the right task. No square pegs in round holes. Consider position description but be flexible. If they don’t fit the tasks, rewrite.

4. Establish relationships. People are the key to success in organizing. Use three tools to ensure people cooperate: Authority – empower people to do their job. Responsibility – ensure they know what’s expected of them. Accountability – hold them answerable for results.

5. Allocate resources. Direct most resources to major efforts. Apply minimum resources to secondary efforts. Give people enough resources - this builds trust when you deliver.