July Convocation '13

posted Nov 25, 2013, 10:47 PM by Roxanne Rueda
Gutom at Malnutrisyon: Sama-sama nating Wakasan. This is the theme of this year’s Nutrition Month Celebration and we in BO.CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL take its part in fighting hunger and malnutrition through different activities and contests.

          First, we have the Search for A1 Child, which possesses qualities of a well nourished child wherein the three judges have difficulty in choosing the best because there is a tie between the contestant of Grade III- Audryn Josh Ingaran and Grade VI- Nicko Santos. Seiji Briz of Grade V won the 3rd Place. Every grade level has a contestant including Kindergarten.

          Then, a Cook Fest was held at the Covered Tent and ampalaya (bittergourd,bittermelon) being the main ingredient. Here, the most nutritious, unique and affordable recipe won. The Ampalaya Con Buco of Grade IV Parent-Daughter tandem of  Mrs. Luz Basuel and her daughter Jazel won the 1st Place. Followed by the Ampalaya Shake of Grade II as 2nd Placer and the Ampalaya Con Gata of Grade 1 being the 3rd Place.

          To wrap up the month’s activity a Culminating Activity was done on July 31 wherein different grades show their Nutri-Jingle to the delight of everybody especially the parents. Afterwards winners on the different contests were awarded through the kindness of the following parents Mrs. Myra Alonzo, Mrs. Jennifer Teeter, Mrs. Daisy Santos, Mrs. Minda Genzo, Mrs. Sheryl Pincil, Mrs. Vivian Bautista and Sangganuiang Barangay Member Norma Blanza.